Cemetery Plots Comic Series Review

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Cemetery Plots Comic Series Review


Cemetery Plots Comic Series Review

by Pgalindez

Lovers of darkness and all things horrific should be introduced to Cemetery Plots, a classic illustrated horror comic series. The series includes three issues created by Empire Comics Lab. What you’ll find inside its pages are a collection of short stories told by a cemetery caretaker. These stories will bring you the classic monsters of zombies and werewolves along with unexpected chilling twists that won’t be forgotten.

Issue #1

The comic at once introduces the caretaker of River Shore Cemetery, D.O. Mann, who will be our storyteller.

The first story, _Chomp_, involves zombies. A man recently bitten and changed goes though his new state confused and struggles to not lose himself to the hunger of flesh.

Following that story, we have _Head Games_ that’s both unsettling and tragic that it’ll pull at your heartstrings. This is a tale of a man who has no body, only a head, and lives in a mad doctor’s lab with the rest of those with no bodies.

Definitely for the mature audience, _Three Way_ talks about prostitution, multiple sexual partners, and necrophilia. It takes place in the home of a married couple who have hired a prostitute to try to spice up their relationship.

In_ The Unfaithful_ it teaches the idea that just because you look like a monster doesn’t mean you are one. The werewolf in this story has become a monster inside and out when he thinks his wife cheated on him and his kids aren’t his.

The message of _Rest in Pieces_ is to not do something you shouldn’t or else you’ll face the consequences. It would be deadly if you went ahead and rose a corpse from its grave.

A _Dead Man’s Warning_ is a written tale instead of a comic that teaches you to be respectful of the dead. Good things can happen if you’re kind enough to give a dead body a proper burial.

Lastly in this issue, _Dr. Frank & Higgins_, is a cute and comedic moment between the doctor and his assistant. It tells of not taking people in your life for granted and realize how much they do for you.


Issue #2 has four new short stories continued to be told by D.O. Mann that can leave you speechless after reading them.

The first, _Not Wrapped Tight_, is about how wanting to live is stronger than being with your loved one. After centuries of being together in death and waking up to the land of the living, one wants to go back, but the other refuses to follow.

The next tale is literally a short story. With only a couple sentences, _Two Sentence Horror Story_, clearly paints the picture of a girl committing suicide at school and her friend is still able to see her every day.

_120_ could probably make you follow even the simplest of rules to a T after reading it.

_Thanksgiving_ goes as you could imagine, with people giving thanks for receiving food so they can continue living. But, since it’s in this comic there is a chilling twist that you wouldn’t expect.



Four more stories have been added to this issue and like the earlier two, you won’t soon forget them.

_Swamped_ may sound like any other swamp monster tale, though this one is quite different. The monster may be the one tying to kill you, but the one you should fear the most are the ones that look innocent.

_The First Responder’s _could end up being for real. In the depths of the ocean it’s still a big mystery to us and you never know, real monsters could be lurking there ready to appear out of nowhere.

Plenty of parents tell there kids not to eat food in bed, but sometimes they can’t help it. That’s what happens to a little girl in _Bread Crumbs_ when she wants a snack before bed.

A great story for Valentine’s Day, _Stalker Boy and Creepy Girl: A Love Story_ talks about unrequited love and finding new love. Everyone knows love can make you do crazy things and leaves you blind at times, and this is no exception. Especially when they’re already crazy in the first place.

Creepy and horrific enough? Then maybe you should consider adding these comics to your shelves and binge read these on Halloween or at a sleepover when you’re telling scary stories.


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