Host Director Signs Three-Film Deal With Horror Specialist Blumhouse

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Host Director Signs Three-Film Deal With Horror Specialist Blumhouse

The movie industry, despite Covid complications and continued production troubles, is still making agreements and signing deals as it can. One of the more recent announcements in the field of contracts is that Blumhouse Productions, mostly known for its lower budget horror films, has recently made a deal with filmmaker Rob Savage to collaborate on three new movies.

Blumhouse reportedly became interested in signing the director after seeing his recent horror film Host, which released to positive reviews from critics and audiences. The company’s founder, Jason Blum, had this to say about the deal: “We’ve been tracking Rob’s work for some time now, and when I got a look at Host, I saw the inventiveness in his work that Ryan Turek on the Blumhouse team had been championing,”

Blumhouse Productions has been around for a while, and most people are likely familiar with at least a few of their projects. Some of their biggest successes have been Paranormal ActivityThe Purge, and Get Out, as well as producing many other popular horror films. The Rob Savage deal seems like a natural fit, given his history and style as a director. His film Host was developed, shot, and distributed in 12 weeks during Coronavirus quarantine. Before that, he directed the micro-budget feature film Strings at 17, which premiered at the Rome Film Festival. Since then he has been the director on a couple of episodes of the big budget Roman epic Britannia, and has also recently directed a new pilot for AMC and Amazon studios.

Savage also seemed to be happy about the deal, excited by the prospect of working with company that specializes in the kinds of film that he has had such success with. “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Blumhouse on these movies. Their status in the horror genre is unmatched, but I equally admire their filmmaker-led approach. They embody the independent filmmaking spirit with which we made Host and I can’t wait to create some new nightmares with them.” The pairing seems like the perfect setup to produce some absolutely stellar horror movies, and horror fans should keep an eye out for whatever Rob Savage is directing next.

Host is currently streaming on Shudder.

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