Jaws unleashed needs a remake

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Jaws unleashed needs a remake

By Levi01


In 1975, film director _STEVEN SPIELBERG _captured world wide audience cinema attention on the classic blockbuster man-eating great white shark that attacks people at a summer resort town. The film’s protagonist Martin Brody and his associates a marine biologist and a professional shark hunter, chased and hunted down a flesh and man-eating monster under the sea to save a small town from the horrors of the deep. The iconic sound track became associated with the film and now can be easily identify as the Jaw’s soundtrack.

Thirty one (31) years later, the same iconic and legendary film that spawned several sequels, Jaws 2, Jaws 3-D, Jaws: The Revenge and influenced other killer shark-themed films was an inspiration for the action-adventure video game entitled _JAWS UNLEASHED_ by Appaloosa Interactive and published by Majesco Entertainment. The game featured an open gameplay where the player assumes control of a large great white shark (Jaws) that moves freely in the water and feeds on animals and humans and destroys everything in its path. It was released for Xbox and PS2.


The game features open world gameplay, with the player assuming control of a large great white shark


In Jaws Unleashed, the game is about the shark. The player assume the role of the shark. During the early stage of the game, the shark enters the island and its objective is for the player to be familiar with the controls like movements and attacks. The shark can eventually find items that can make it upgraded version meaning, the shark becomes badder, meaner and more vicious. The player based on his collected items can opt to upgrade the sharks:

* power
* speed
* hunger
* health
* accuracy

The game’s _head-up-display_ (HUD) which is located on the lower-right corner of the screen tells the player of shark’s position, it’s prey and enemy position as well the shark’s health, hunger and other vitals. In the game, the shark has to eat as its health bar slowly diminishes. If the shark is damaged, the health bar also diminishes. It also has attack capabilities like head butt and tail whip, corkscrew and the body bomb. You can perform this attack at the cost of energy and sometimes health if it encounters something very damaging.


When there is smoke, there is definitely fire, and if the flames continue to burst and ravage and is not fully quenched, then its smoke is hard to contain and ignore. There are some clamor on the internet for its remake, it is really not a remote possibility considering in our time now, we can technically make something out nothing. How much more if that “something” have already existed and just needed some few upgrades and improvements. Wouldn’t it be much easier? Wouldn’t it be doable? Can’t it be executed?

There are several games that features a killer shark genre, most of these games has almost the same game play where a killer shark wreaks havoc and destruction and goes to a bloodbath and feeding frenzy. And if we are to trace back their inspiration and influence, that would lead us back to the most iconic, the mythical, the legendary and undoubtedly the grand daddy of them all, _SHARK UNLEASHED_.

The big boss and the king of kings of all the killer shark game genre refuses to die down the memory lane. It is only resting and hibernating in the depths of human imagination, one spark of magical interest from a long list of fanboys and the iconic Jaws soundtrack will be hummed once again.

In 2020, _MANEATER _was thought to be JAWS UNLEASHED successor, it shares almost the same plot and almost identical game play with it’s predecessor. Both are hungry human eating killer behemoths and once they set their eyes on something they leave nothing but only path of destruction. _MANEATER’S_ approach is somewhat comedic, JAWS UNLEASHED has a more serious tone. Most legion of loyal fans, has JAWS UNLEASHED ranks it higher than Maneater in game play, in story line and over-all feel.

Its history of glitches, freezing up and camera problems has earned it’s fair share of detractors. 2006 does not have the same technology-savvy software like what we do now, it doesn’t sport the high resolution graphics hardware like what we have now that most young generations take it for granted because it is now considered as common. But it was not that very common a couple of years back. But despite of those “short comings” JAWS UNLEASHED was a commercial success proving that gamers way back are more concerned with how it is going to be played rather than how it looks. Though looks could surely kill.


Will JAWS UNLEASHED planning a comeback? Will there be a resurrection?


Only time can only tell, but there are rumors that are whispered that are just barely heard behind the background, that says that, there are some _forces_ that are slowly cooking and developing some nice “goodies.” We can’t really be sure, I can’t neither confirm nor deny what those “goodies” exactly is or are, but just take it with a grain of salt who knows, we might just be in for a surprise. But if there some buzz then most likely what causes this buzzing is just around the corner it may be just within the tip of our noses.


Is it really confirmed about that buzzing thingy?


Appaloosa Interactive ceased operating in 2006. while Majesco Entertainment Company who worked with Appaloosa Interactive for its sales and distribution still exists. Actually Majesco Entertainment was acquired by Liquid Media Group in 2018 and still operating as of today.

The buzzing sound, lead us to some of those information that allegedly says that some of those who are “_in the know_” again I can’t neither confirm nor deny, stated that:

* _Jaws Unleashed will be released later on major platform_
* _But it will be digital only_


That is all what I have for now, keep hearing those buzzes and hopefully it will lead us to something. Sometimes rumor just die of natural death, but sometimes they continue to thrive but just barely.


Jaws Unleashed - PlayStation 2

Jaws Unleashed – PlayStation 2


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