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Read Classic Comics Online For Free

By ianmonk

For any fan and collector of horror comics, there is a website that is an absolute must for you. The site,, holds, by far, the most comics and pulp fiction titles ever assembled under one domain. I made a quick count of how many titles they have and it’s over 47,000!

Weird Tales of Terror

classic horror comic


For me, when I made a search of their archive, the two series that stood out to me were ‘Weird Tales’ and ‘Amazing Stories’. To think if you try to buy a collectors’ edition of these publications it would cost you a fortune. But here, you can read them online and, if you become a free member, you can download them as well. Unfortunately, they don’t have all these tales of terror, 166 titles from Amazing and just 16 from Weird, but they are continuously updating the site as more comics become available.

In their Pulp Fiction section, they have single copies of two other famous titles – ‘Uncanny Tales’ and ‘Strange Tales’. The issue of ‘Strange Tales’ is most noteworthy as it has stories from Robert Bloch, Clark Ashton Smith and HP Lovecraft. All yours to download and keep and read whenever you like. They have many issues from ‘The Black Cat’, which was published between 1895 until 1922 and was the major forerunner of ‘Weird Tales’.

In their 1825 issue of ‘Weird Tales’, they have the cover story by Frank Belknap Long and the title is 192 pages and fully illustrated from the original artwork.

‘Amazing Stories’ is famous for how many great science fiction authors contributed to it. These included HG Wells, Jules Verne and Edgar Allen Poe. This series would become famous as well due to the fact Isaac Asimov had his first publication in these pages.

Witches tales

Horror comics


Of course, the pulp fiction editions were collections of short stories but, for those aficionados looking for horror comics, then has plenty of these for you. With 1,842 issues from 118 different titles, they span all the range that have become available on the free domain – not Vault of Horror, unfortunately. This includes, ‘Eerie’, which is regarded as the first ever full blown horror comic to be published in 1947.

They also have film magazines that highlight the horror movies of the time. In the decades before ‘Fangoria’ there was ‘Fantastic Monsters of the Movies’ which highlighted all the great horror and monster movies of that era.

When visiting the website, you can quickly tell this is a labor of love for the contributors. With the multitude of different comics on offer they are meticulously categorised with a lot of background information. The fact that there are tens of thousands of issues to choose from, they have created sections that guide you to what you want to read. By popularity and rating, they have earmarked what you need to read first.

After hearing about all these classic horror comics, there is finally a website where all these are available in one, easy to navigate, location.  Check out  the Horror comics here.

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