‘Resident Evil’ Origin Film Receives Official Release Date

terror February 5, 2021 0
‘Resident Evil’ Origin Film Receives Official Release Date

The Resident Evil origin film officially has a release date — September 3.

It was originally announced to arrive later this year, but the specific date was yet to be confirmed. The CAPCOM origin story intends to kick off a new series of franchise feature films and is set in 1998, ahead of the iconic events of the Racoon City Incident, having set off a viral outbreak that changed everything.

Sony Pictures and Constantin Films are at the helm of the origin story. Kaya Scodelario and Robbie Amell, who both appeared as siblings in the first two franchise video games are both expected to star in Resident Evil. The film is reportedly only the first of six in the reboot franchise. Though Resident Evil films have been released since 2002, the new release is expected to take a different approach than the ones in the past.

Netflix has also recently announced that it will develop a live-action television series of the video game, covering both the origin story and the world 10 years after the outbreak occurs. The film and Netflix series are both produced by Constantin Film.

Due to the pandemic, a number of films and studios have pushed release dates to the Fall, hoping the vaccine will arrive in time for the box offices to return to normal. However, it remains to be seen whether or not a September release date will be altered again.

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