Terrordrome The Game – Rise Of The Boogeyman

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Terrordrome The Game – Rise Of The Boogeyman

Terrordrome The Game – Rise Of The Boogeyman


Everybody loves to imagine what would happen if you had two horror movie villains fight each other. Well, you no longer have to rely on imagining those fights because those fights can happen. In the game Terrordrome – Rise Of The Boogeyman, you can take horror movie icons like Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Chucky as well as others and have them fight each other to see who is the best.Terrordrome The Game - Rise Of The Boogeyman

Terrordrome is a free-to-play game that you can download and anybody who loves horror movies should give this game a try. What other game features horror movie icons from so many different franchises where they can fight each other to the death? Who is the best character in horror movies out of them all? With this game, you can find that out.

If you love horror movies and fighting games then you may have found your new favorite video game.

Every character looks the way you remember them from their respective movies. While the models of the characters were taken in 3D, the art style that includes them into the game makes them appear in 2D. Every character has their attacks to use on the opposition. These attacks are based on what the characters did in their movies. The attacks they pull off could not look better because of the 3D animation that these attacks were captured in.

Not only do the characters look the way you remember but they also sound the way you remember. That is because the voices of these characters were taken directly from the movies they appeared in.

So the characters look the way you expect and they sound the way you expect. What about the environments these characters fight in? Every stage in the game is based on a different character. Every stage also comes from a scene in the movies these characters were taken from. Every stage was rendered into a 2D background after being captured in 3D.

The 2D fighting game engine that powers this game is 2D Fighter Maker 2002.

A few people started this as a passion project but after nine years of hard work, this turned into a finished game that anybody on the internet can download and try.

terrordrome the game

This sequel takes the original game that we covered and adds in myths, urban legends


This sequel takes the original game that we covered and adds in myths, urban legends, and classic monsters. A couple of characters already in the game is Sasquatch and Frankenstein.

The list of characters has grown in the sequel by adding legendary and mythical characters. Not only will the list of available characters include myths and legends but the stages themselves will also feature myths, legends, and the paranormal. If you like stories in your fighting games then the sequel will have one involving a conspiracy theory. The legendary and iconic characters are imagined what they would look like in the present day. That is what you can expect to see in the sequel.

These are two different fighting games you can look forward to with the first one already available to play. When you have played the first game, you can imagine what the second game will include since the same team is working on both games. You want to play a fighting game that pays tribute to horror movie characters then remember the name Terrordrome.

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