The creator of the game Five Nights At Freddy’s, named Scott Cawthon, announces his retirement.

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The creator of the game Five Nights At Freddy’s, named Scott Cawthon, announces his retirement.

By Estefania1992

The creator of the game Five Nights At Freddy’s, named Scott Cawthon, announces his retirement after certain politicians such as Tulsi Gabbard and Donald Trump have made several political donations and this has led to the indignation of fans.

Taking into account the latest violent reactions against the entire history of those donations related to politicians, whose fans have considered that they are transphobic and homophobic, including the last former president of the United States Donald Trump and Tulsi Gabbard, thus, the cre


ator of this game said or who was retiring from video game development.

All this outrage began on June 10, when a user of the social network Twitter dedicated himself to telling the entire history of political donations that Scott, along with that reading and well-known creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s, had received during the year 2020 both Republican and PAC candidates. The least known side of him is that of a Christian funder.

These Republican or PAC candidates who have received all of this money from Cawthon include California Representative Dein Nunes, along with the Republican Senate National Committee and former US President Donald Trump.

Bear in mind that there is an exception regarding donations to Republican politicians, such as the Gabbard presidential campaign. The explanation for all this was that the donation has been traced, this trace is because it is a crypto flash that is going to ally with women like Hindutva, which will retaliate against the Trans factors and the appearance of PragerU.

When all the tweets of this user of the bird’s social network began to run through the other social networks, Scott Cawthon had to explore the whole of July 12 with a fairly long response, without taking into account the candidates who have better things to say regarding the LGBT community. Above all, with all kinds of important promises to make, they are going to believe those positions on other types of important issues that have hurt all of them.

But, he has refused to apologize for everything that has happened, well, this whole answer may have been in vain, since these people do not want to argue with him, they just want a public apology. He replied that those people who want this from him are not going to get it.

In addition, Cawthon says that he has no problem with the race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender of any person. He only chooses the people who are the best in his business. He treats all people the same. this is how he has to be and how he wants it to be.

This does not mean that he likes him in every way as he is a republican, Cristiano, pro-life, believes in god. But this does not mean that he does not believe in equality, common sense, or science. Although there are people who dug that all of the above cannot go together, it is not like that. It is clearly not an apology.

For what they are canceled he has to go ahead. This is not for money, but because he enjoys it. Many people believe that more harm than good is being done at this time, so it is best to repeat myself. I accept it. The race has yep very satisfying. Apart from all this, most of the things that these people can take from you are things that have not had any kind of value to start with. Thus, his critics consider that his response was very unsatisfactory, so they continue to believe that all these religious and political beliefs of these designers are incongruous with the acceptance of LGBT communities.

But the most surprising thing about all this is that one of Scott’s biggest critics was Kotaku. Kotaku was described to the recipients of the donations as one of the homophobic and transphobic legislators, but these developers insist that they love all their fans and that those personal actions take into account the people hired, with whom he has worked and from whom. friend throughout his life should count more than political donations.

In the same way that racism, transphobia, or homophobia are rampant within this country, it is being systematic according to the editor of Kotaku. Taking into account that all this is systematic, only this can be reversed.

This means that laws must be passed that will protect those rights that people from the LGBTQIA + community have. This also means that you should not support all types of people who want to vote for these laws who do not want the rights of these people.

Days after the publication that it was at the beginning and that outrage against him, which was not going to show any kind of calm, made Cawthon go to update that personal web page to have to announce that he was going to retire. in video game development, writing everything in the seventh birthday of the game’s initial trailer. Thus, he realized that his age when creating the series was 30 years old, something that indicated that he is currently close to 40 and misses many things that he should focus on and that he left behind before his video game was a great success.

Some examples of everything he misses is creating games for his children for fun and misses role-playing games with his friends.

But despite his retreat, it is not the end of the saga, but other people were going to direct this whole program, someone is clear of the creator’s choice. In principle, we will have to wait as everything develops and it will be seen.

The career he has had has been impressive, with very good people to work with and with a tremendous blessing to have met everyone.

Therefore, this person believes that the most important thing is professionalism working, regardless of the religious or




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