The Frightingly Good Comics from Full Moon Comix.

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The Frightingly Good Comics from Full Moon Comix.

The Frightingly Good Comics from Full Moon Comix

By clairegtamayo.

 Full Moon Comix

Frightingly Good Horror Comics

Charles Band, the legendary filmmaker, producer, and director of

From the screen to pages, see how your favorite and beloved characters recount their tales and adventures through every page and volume. Not only this, with every new release, experience brand new adventures with astounding storytelling with remarkable art that will surely take you to the blood, sex, insanity, and laugh-filled horror universe that you have come to love.

It all begins with the title “Charles Band presents Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe” which is a series which launches the classic characters into completely new scenarios from places we’ve never been to before. The cover art is made by the legendary Tony Moore, who also worked on _The Walking Dead,_ and Ben Templesmith from _30 Days of Night_. To add even more fright to the first line of comics, _Charles Band presents Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe _is written by Shawn Gabborin who wrote _Puppet Master: Curtain Call_, and Brockton McKinney who made _Gingerdead Man: Baking Bad. _Brock Bardo, or Dollman, the renowned space-cop, cleans up the evils that inhabit the Full Moon Universe–from Puppet Master, to Demonic Toys, and even Gingerdead Man and Castle Freak–Dollman will hunt them all down! Along with Doctor Mordrid (Full Moon’s resident magician), the trio from Bad Channels, and many more, Dollman and the crew will surely give you unadulterated murderous fun! Surely just from this first series, both old-school fans and horror-newbies will have a glimpse of this spooky universe.


Head of the family

Head of the family Horror b movie comic

Every week, Full Moon Comix’s site spotlights their comic books so that enthusiasts are able to expand even more the Full Moon universe. The mega-media Full Moon juggernaut _The Deadly Ten _with cover art made by the fan-favorite artist and creator of _Zombie Tramp_ and _Sad Girl Psycho Baby_, Dan Mendoza for the exclusive and limited-edition covers. Blade the Iron Cross is definitely a must-have for _Puppet Master _and _Charles Band’s the Deadly Ten_ enthusiasts. The comic is your first peek into Blade’s solo journey which directly ties to the _Blade the Iron Cross_ feature film.

Of course, Full Moon Comix will not be Charles Band’s brainchild without all the blood. This now brings us to the 8-part film series of pure gore and ghastly gross adventure of _The Bunker of Blood._ This completely new animated storyline serves as an introduction to the Bunker’s unholy trio and newest addition to the Full Moon universe: Gore Collector, Tapehead, and Molly as they journey through a bloodthirsty adventure. This innovation illustrated by Jason Strutz, written by Brockton McKinney, and voiced by hair-raisingly amazing vocal talents including Robin Sydney.

The Full Moon-verse just keeps on expanding in every comic book that Full Moon Comix releases! All the more fun and harrowing in every series or one-shot. Just like in the newest freaky prequel to the new film, Gravestoned, Gob-Lynn, and Weedwolf, and Motorbreth–or the Weedjies–wreak havoc wherever they go! It’s all fun and games until the Weedjies cause chaos that will surely end up with a few bloody screams. Exclusive on the Full Moon Direct are copies of variant covers of all these issues that is only offered through Full Moon Comix.

Another installment of _The Deadly Ten_ is the 1980s spookingly iconic continuation of the _Slimebowl-O-Rama_ with Jane and Betty Savage more famously known as the Savage Sisters as they break in and plunder an abandoned bowling alley. The Savage Sisters battle it out with the Imp with the help of Linnea Quingley or Spider, in this once in a lifetime comic book experience as their first appearances! Not only this, Full Moon Comix also has exciting family affairs with _Bride of the Head of the Family. _With Myron Stackpool and the love of his life Eugenia tying the knot, will Myron’s brother, Wheeler make it to the tying of the knot? Wheeler is tossed through a multitude of alternate universes of Myrons and Eugenias and through this gritting tale of travel, it will surely be an all-time fan favorite for Full Moon fans.

horror comix

From the mind of Charles Band himself comes the shockingly supernatural original title _The ShadowHeart Curse_. This newly released comic takes place all over the world as Adrianna Dangelis travels from New York to her grandfather’s hauntingly majestic mansion in Italy. The ghostly entities in the form of Luca Fausto and his demon brother Marc haunt Adrianna as she fights her way to breaking the decades-old spell that haunts the cursed land. Accompanying _The ShadowHeart Curse _is Shawn Gabborin’s oneshot in Full Moon Comix only! It follows Luca and Marc long before Adrianna went to her family’s castle. Here, we discover how the curse of ShadowHeart came to be and how it affected the siblings enough to make them commit unspeakable acts.

Overall, Full Moon Comix offers a variety of horror classics that we all know and love. Seeing these classics on page will take you back in time to when you could huddle at night under the light of a flashlight and spook yourself to sleep. Perfect for all the horror fans out there, Full Moon Comix continues to release new series that will surely frighten you to reading (and watching!) more of the Full Moon universe. In every book, you get to learn more about the characters previously introduced in the films through their backstories and newer adventures. You don’t even have to worry about the stories not lining up with the iconic films or it not having the Charles Band image because Full Moon Comix makes sure that everything fits perfectly in the storyline and will have the same amount of blood, fun, and insanity as the films. If you are a fan, indulge yourself in the horrors of the Full Moon universe, and if it’s your first time discovering this, get ready for a frightingly good time!

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