terror June 22, 2021 0

There was a middle-aged man named David. He was a software engineer and used to work at a small software house which he along with his two friends, Lara and Tyler built. He took a couple of holidays a few days back and was catching up on work now by working extra hours. It was Friday night and his colleagues had gone to their homes while he was still working. He heard something through the window and thought that it was just a casual sound. Their software house was in a garage they had rented of an empty house so he was there working. It was almost 1am and he was still working. He heard someone screeching some metal object with a dumpster outside. He was wondering that who is up at this hour of the night playing outside but he didn’t really bother and continued working.
After a while, he heard a car apply emergency brakes and was honking. Then he heard some metal object screech with something which he supposed was the car. He assumed that it was probably a drunk guy or something but then he heard a woman screaming and that caught his attention. He was listening to the screaming wondering what’s going on when he heard glass break and then the screaming stopped after a few moments. Something inside his gut told him to get up and check. He was pretty lazy but he got up and then out. He saw that the whole side of her car had a cut in between and then noticed the driver’s window broken. He turned on the flashlight of his phone and saw that the woman’s throat had a big round cut in it and blood was still flowing out of it while she was making weird sounds through her throat. He screamed and called 9-1-1. He explained everything to them.
The very next day, in the morning, he was watching news and read the headlines saying that multiple people were found dead in the same exact way. There was a big hole in each one of their throats. Something inside of him told him that it was the hook man and he was back but he whispered to himself that it’s impossible. When he went to work, he told his colleagues that the hook man was back. They didn’t even know who it was then he explained to them that he looks like a man who has a hook instead of his right hand and a fake wooden leg instead of his right leg, his face doesn’t have much meat and mostly just bones. It was an urban legend that after every 100 years, he would come and kill people. The screams of them in fear when knowing that they are about to die is food for him. He feeds on their fear. After coming after every 100 years for five times, he comes 5 comes five times on 100 years after every 20 years. I’ve seen him when I was really young. He killed my father infront of me. I asked him his name and replied “Charles Norway” in a very weird and scary voice. He only kills one person at a time. His colleagues laughed at him and got to work.
They used to work on Saturdays too and only took the Sunday off. When his colleagues went, he was alone again and around 1am, same time from yesterday, he heard the same screeching with the trash cans. He was so into his work that he had forgot about what had happened yesterday and ignored the screeching as well. Then he heard someone screeching on his garage door from the outside and then he started to stare at the door breathing heavily. He saw a hook slide from underneath the garage and then the garage door opened. It was the HOOK MAN. David screamed with all his

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